Virtual reality

Do you know that 100% of our clients make changes to the project after the Virtual private house tour? What does it mean? They will no longer do it during the construction, they will save nerves and money! We can design and let you feel your house without investing a cent in the construction! Emotions and feelings are fantastic, they help to momentarily make the most important decisions and to move forward at a fast pace.

Today is unimaginable without 3D visualization and looking into your future home, office or other space. It has become a standard practice in all modern architectural offices. Innovative 3D designing and video presentations allow you to “walk around” your future house before it is built.

Virtual reality and improvisation of ideas allow the client to take a virtual tour of their ideas, which gives him time to understand the true desires of the work to be implemented. It is building of trust between the client’s wishes and our offered solutions.

Our team ensures designing and coordination in a digital form, so that the works are always delivered on time and in excellent quality.


Feedback from clients is important to us, and good feedback after the performed works allows us to increase the number of potential clients in the future. Therefore, we are proud that 87% of all our clients choose us based on the recommendations, which is the indicator of the achieved company’s work results.

Armands Namiķis (Chairman of the Board of SIA "ERNACO")

Speed and quality are not usually friends, but not in the case of Volko Engineering. Fast order processing and consultation, comprehensive information about the planned progress of the project, regular reports and the achievement of the goals set by the client in the agreed time, all this best describes the work and attitude of Volko Engineering. Thanks for the service, we will definitely come back!

Julija Zotova (Chairman of the Board of SIA "Baltic Masters")

SIA Baltic Master expresses great gratitude for professional cooperation! The construction project was developed in accordance with our design task, despite the fact that our ideas were constantly changing. Recommended the best construction project solutions. Within the framework of the project, all the projects necessary for construction were developed, coordinated and approved, without our participation. We were always informed of all changes in a timely manner.

Modris Laicāns (Member of the Board of SIA “Capo”)

SIA “Capo” has been cooperating reliably and stably with SIA “Volko Engineering” since 2017. We are pleased with the cooperation so far. The projects prepared by SIA Volko Engineering are of high quality and meet the requirements of energy efficiency standards. It is positive that the employees of SIA “Volko Engineering” are professional and responsive.
During the cooperation, SIA “Capo” has performed energy efficiency assessments of projects developed by SIA “Volko Engineering” and confirms the team's professional competence in the field of energy efficiency of buildings with the desire to find out current trends.
Thank you for your professional cooperation!

Oksana Kazaka

You can't even imagine how Volko Engineering helped us. We didn't find you by suggestion, just grandfather found an ad in Saulkrasti. At first I was tense, I think it will be difficult and bureaucratic, but of course I didn't argue, I trusted my grandfather. To my surprise, Vladimir Volkov turned out to be a young and knowledgeable man without unnecessary problems. It would be very difficult for me to arrange everything while in another country, but with you it turned out to be real and even simple! You did everything to the maximum, you suggested what and how to do better, no hidden costs, thank you for your understanding and humane attitude. Everything is clear and professional, and most importantly at a reasonable price!
Thanks to you, we actually did the impossible!
My grandfather and I are extremely grateful to you.
If I ever need an architect in Latvia again or for my friends - we are only with you!

Our projects

Our projects include both individual or private projects – from private house solutions, legalizations of structures and facade design, to apartment re-planning and various 3D visualizations, as well as the development of public and industrial projects such as apartment houses, office and shopping centres, parking lots and warehouses. Our team’s experience allows us to plan in detail the costs of each project and their future efficiency, as we work with projects of various complexity.

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