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We, Volko Engineering, believe that every building, house and structure is a step of progress in our common history that enriches the human heritage. Every era has had the opportunity to create its own masterpieces, and today is no exception. That is why we see the projects, which truly and aesthetically reflect the personality of our clients and purposefully interpret their vision of the contemporary architecture, as the main aim of our work.

We know that our clients expect their dreams to come true. No more no less. That is the greatest trust. Therefore, every day we apply all our arsenal of theoretical knowledge and skills, our experience, energy and readiness to create something new and unseen.

We, Volko Engineering, are a progressive team of design professionals who “fire up” for each project to be implemented in accordance with the wishes of each client, efficiently, with high-quality and without worries.

Members of our team complement each other, allowing to be in a constant training, growth, development and professional challenge.


Using our knowledge and experience, with the help of the latest innovations, we want to create an opportunity for everyone to achieve savings in the construction and operation process.


To become the most innovative architectural company in the Baltics with the most talented team and highly qualified specialists, who are able to find a solution even in non-standard situations.


We are a new and innovative company in the architecture market, but our team has knowledgeable specialists with unique work experience.

This allows us to become one of the market leaders in this industry, working on projects in Latvia and abroad. High-quality digital solutions and a wide range of target audience allow us to gain increasingly more experience in projects of various complexity – from simple households to the strict requirements of entrepreneurs and developers. What we are creating today is the cornerstone of our work in the years to come. At this point, we can be proud not only of the implemented solutions in the Latvian context, but also of the invaluable experience gained in foreign projects, which allows us to offer many and high-quality innovative solutions in the performance of work.

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Our advantages


We are a team of experienced professionals who know that double-checking projects and organizing documents electronically helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes, obstacles and delays.


Our daily interaction is a synergy with rhythm, improvisation and harmony between the client’s wishes and our offered solutions. Excellent results can only be achieved with passion, creativity and a common understanding of the ideal goal.


We are constantly enriching our arsenal of possibilities and skills with the latest innovations. 3D designing and video presentations allow you to “walk through” your future house, and practically 100% of clients make changes to the project after a virtual tour of a private house. This means saving time and money already during the construction process. We can design and let you feel your house without investing a cent in the construction!


We make sure that every client is well acquainted with the project progress and that all process matters are clear - both regarding the deadlines and the costs.

Vladimirs Volkovs


A professional architect feels the client’s wishes. His responsibility and the work done is each client’s personal investment for years to come or even for all his life. The mutual chemistry and energy between the client and the architect are just as important to make it much easier to agree on project solutions and for the client to get his expected result.

Equally essential is the architect’s knowledge of regulatory enactments, construction materials, general experience, work style, knowledge of technology and other factors.

The client’s intentions will be implemented much more smoothly, if the architect completes his task with maximum enthusiasm and passion, regardless of the volume and complexity of the project.

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