Virtual reality

Do you know that 100% of our clients make changes to the project after the Virtual private house tour? What does it mean? They will no longer do it during the construction, they will save nerves and money! We can design and let you feel your house without investing a cent in the construction! Emotions and feelings are fantastic, they help to momentarily make the most important decisions and to move forward at a fast pace.

Today is unimaginable without 3D visualization and looking into your future home, office or other space. It has become a standard practice in all modern architectural offices. Innovative 3D designing and video presentations allow you to “walk around” your future house before it is built.


Our architectural solutions impress with their lightness, spaciousness and light. These are modern proposals, where innovations alternate with modernism and economic practicality in the operation of completed projects. Metal, glass, wood – we use everything that will allow us to implement even the most diverse wishes of the client. We have gained excellent and proven foreign experience, which we try to implement in our projects. We provide consultations on architectural solutions in both private and public objects, from conceptual design to complete reconstruction of buildings and legalization of structures.

Building structure

We closely follow all the most recent construction standards and related changes in the legislation. We understand how important is to comply with all national requirements for buildings and structures to be safe and durable in their operation. We offer both simple, complex and modern building structure solutions, but at the same time we ensure that they are safe and stable.

The quality of building structures is important for every object, because that is how we are responsible for your life and our work. That is our responsibility to you!

Engineering solutions

During the development of projects, we offer innovative engineering solutions that live in lockstep with time and are relevant both today and will be irreplaceable in the future for convenient and economical operation of buildings and structures.

The development and implementation of appropriate engineering solutions is the key to success in improving the quality of life in the future. As the projects developed by us can also be viewed in a 3D environment, this provides the client with the opportunity to better understand the design process, as well as reduces the possibility of errors to a minimum. Thus, you have the opportunity to save up to 20% of the construction costs.

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