Structural Engineering

We closely follow all the most recent construction standards and related changes in the legislation. We understand how important is to comply with all national requirements for buildings and structures to be safe and durable in their operation. We offer both simple, complex and modern building structure solutions, but at the same time we ensure that they are safe and stable.

The quality of building structures is important for every object, because that is how we are responsible for your life and our work. That is our responsibility to you!


Feedback from clients is important to us, and good feedback after the performed works allows us to increase the number of potential clients in the future. Therefore, we are proud that 87% of all our clients choose us based on the recommendations, which is the indicator of the achieved company’s work results.


I can recommend Vladimir's team for cooperation!
The work went smoothly, competent architects always offered several variants of solutions to realize the client's wishes.
The project was completed on time!
An important aspect - all the adjustments with the construction board, obtaining a building permit and putting the new building into operation were carried out quickly and efficiently, resolving all delays on behalf of the client.

Austra Greenberg (Aver Brokerage)

So far, excellent cooperation with Volko Engineering has been established in several projects. There is always a quick response and order fulfillment goes smoothly. Glad I can trust your professionalism!

Katerina and Andrejs

We are very lucky to work with Vladimir and his team Volko Engineering!
At the beginning, when we decided to build our own house, we turned to another, local architect's office to design it, but we encountered demotivated employees who were not interested in new customers and had to "move forward" even at the initial stage, which did not satisfy us at all. Then, after feedback, we found Vladimir's contact, which we are extremely happy about. All work was done quickly, transparently, conveniently, everything was solved remotely, as quickly as possible and for adequate money! We recommend contacting the architect Vladimir Volko Engineering. And in the future we will be happy to cooperate in other projects as well.

Modris Laicāns (Member of the Board of SIA “Capo”)

SIA “Capo” has been cooperating reliably and stably with SIA “Volko Engineering” since 2017.
We are pleased with the cooperation so far. The projects prepared by SIA Volko Engineering are of high quality and meet the requirements of energy efficiency standards. It is positive that the employees of SIA “Volko Engineering” are professional and responsive.
During the cooperation, SIA “Capo” has performed energy efficiency assessments of projects developed by SIA “Volko Engineering” and confirms the team's professional competence in the field of energy efficiency of buildings with the desire to find out current trends.
Thank you for your professional cooperation!

Our projects

Our projects include both individual or private projects – from private house solutions, legalizations of structures and facade design, to apartment re-planning and various 3D visualizations, as well as the development of public and industrial projects such as apartment houses, office and shopping centres, parking lots and warehouses. Our team’s experience allows us to plan in detail the costs of each project and their future efficiency, as we work with projects of various complexity.

Wood Frame construction

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